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"I traveled two hours outside of Tokyo just to photograph Mt. Fuji, the cherry blossoms, and many temples — three facets of Japanese culture in a single photo. Though Japan is a small country, it has a rich, deep history, and looks like a fairytale. When I took this photo, I was so overwhelmed by the perfect scenery." 📷 📍Mt. Fuji, Japan

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passionpassport: Congratulations our #PPTinyPeopleBigPlaces2 winner @cait588 who takes us

Congratulations our 2 winner who takes us to Agra, India! "We arrived at the Taj Mahal before sunrise, to beat the crowds. The muted light added to the mystical magnitude and sense of grandeur. Gazing up at the incredible architectural details, one can't help but stand in awe of this monumental love standing the test of time." Huge thanks to guest judges and as well as everyone who participated — we were in awe of your entries!

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passionpassport: This week

This week's 2 challenge took us across the globe — from shrines in Japan to huts in Antarctica. Congratulations our honorable mentions: , , , , , , , , and ! Where do you think our winner will take us? Stay tuned to find out!

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*Grant + Travel Opportunity* The deadline to apply for is TODAY at 11:59 p.m. EST! Know someone without a passport? Nominate them to accompany you on a trip to a country you would like to understand better and tag them in the comments. Your journey awaits. Click on the link in our bio to apply. PC:

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“I took this photo last December, when it was the tail end of fall and temperatures were quickly falling. Light wasn't the best. After soaking in the simple beauty of this spot, a weak ray of sun came out of the clouds, and I took my shot. It was all very quiet, with only a car passing by every so often. Spending a few precious moments here reminded me how lucky I am to experience all this beauty, how I love Tuscany, and how much I still have to see in my own country." 📷 📍Tuscany, Italy And there are still a couple hours left to enter our 2 challenge which closes noon EST today!

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passionpassport: The deadline for #ThePassportProject is approaching quickly! Submit

The deadline for is approaching quickly! Submit your application for a chance to win an unforgettable international travel experience. Steps: 1. Pick a friend without a passport 2. Choose a location that will challenge both of you 3. Apply through the link in our bio . Tag your travel partner or someone who should know about this opportunity! PC:

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passionpassport: Zooming out, you see #PPTinyPeopleBigPlaces2 in the scope

Zooming out, you see 2 in the scope of the world. There’s still time to enter the challenge before the 12pm ET deadline tomorrow, 1/14! Guest judges and are standing by to share in your experiences — from drone shots of surfers to commuter ants against skyscrapers. Full details are under “Events” on our site! 📷 📍Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia

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"After a roadside coffee in Chidambaram, my friend and I decided to stay a while and explore the town's Nataraja Temple. When we entered, we were greeted by a hive of activity: the air was thick with incense, the sun-drenched floors were hot beneath our bare feet, and the complex was full of men and women in technicolor fabrics. Despite the riot of ornamentation and the incessant beeping of horns from the road beyond the gates, I found something deeply calming in this giant, carved lotus on the temple ceiling." 📷 📍Tamil Nadu, India

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passionpassport: The Cathedral, the Chapel, and the Cave all

The Cathedral, the Chapel, and the Cave all make up this natural attraction in Carrera Lake or Lake Buenos Aires, depending on which side of the border you're on. The body of water sits on the border of Chile and Argentina and flows into the Pacific Ocean via the Baker River. This geological formation is accesible by boat, allowing visitors to admire the haunting beauty of these caves formed by 5,000 years of wave action. 📷 📍Carrera Lake, Chile

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passionpassport: Join us as well as guest judges @edgilardon

Join us as well as guest judges and for this week's 2 challenge! Travel is about discovering how big the world is and finding your place in it. As puts it: "As you stand at the base of the massive Pyramids of Giza; looking up, you can’t help but think about how insignificant we are. Our generation is a single page of a book in comparison to the pyramids. Civilizations come and go and, in the end, it’s all about making the most of your life." Follow these steps to join: 1) Check "Events” on for full details; 2) Post a photo/video relating to the theme between Tue. 1/9 and 11:59am ET Sun. 1/14. 3) Tag 2 and in the caption, and take us in the moment with you in 3-4 sentences!

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passionpassport: Are you a visual storyteller? Are you a

Are you a visual storyteller? Are you a self-starter with creativity and drive? Think you have what it takes to join our team? We’re hiring for 2018 positions on social media. Check out the link in our profile or visit the below link. Tag a friend who should apply. PC:

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*Travel and Grant Opportunity* Have you always wanted to share the experience of international travel with one of your friends? If they don't have a passport yet, nominate them to accompany you on . We're sending a pair of travelers to a destination of their choice so they can better understand the world around them. Applications close this Sunday — apply today through the link in our bio.

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