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interviewmag: From our December/January issue #ArtistsontheVerge portfolio: As

From our December/January issue portfolio: As a child growing up in New York’s Greenwich Village, Eliza Douglas spent a lot of time thinking about girls and death. “From a very early age, I worried about the implications of being a woman who liked women,” says the 33-year-old artist from Frankfurt, where she now lives. “I was also preoccupied with existential issues—especially death-related ones.” Douglas’s unease became, in a way, the catalyst for her large-scale oil paintings, which include depictions of disembodied hands and feet, monsters, and haunted young men. “I like the idea of making something that cannot easily be classified as abstract or figurative, gestural or procedural,” she says. “I want my work to be open and porous.” To wit: the hands in many works are rendered with startling realism, while the accompanying arms dissolve into bleary lines. 📸

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interviewmag: Happy 44th birthday to queen supermodel #KateMoss.
📸 @mertalas & @

Happy 44th birthday to queen supermodel . 📸 &

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interviewmag: From our December/January issue #ArtistsontheVerge portfolio: It

From our December/January issue portfolio: It makes sense that Maggie Lee works out of her bedroom. Her multimedia creations—Jenny doll dioramas, confessional zines, and her Video Salad series—suggest an artist who is not only willing, but eager to mine her own biography for material. In Mommy, a feature-length film that screened in 2016 at the of American Art, the 30-year-old New Yorker unpacked her late mother’s colorful life using a range of sources including home videos, found internet footage, and snippets from her own childhood diary. “I feel like I’m a collector and an archivist in a way,” she says. “Collage allows me to organize and layer all my ideas.” 📸

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interviewmag: From our December/January issue #ArtistsontheVerge portfolio: Toyin

From our December/January issue portfolio: Toyin Ojih Odutola’s drawings unfold like stories. One enters her world through a main character, but that’s just an access point; the 32-year-old, Nigerian-born, Alabama-raised artist uses figuration as a tool for dissecting larger social structures. “I am an investigative artist, so for me the black figure is a medium,” she says. “What I’m trying to do is show you that you can use black bodies in a way that explores ideas, rather than simply the condition of blackness.” Not long after moving to New York in 2013, Ojih Odutola made pen and ink works that avoided the usual depictions and conventions of portraying black skin by creating figures with bright reflective hues. More recently, she has been making portraits of imaginary characters as a starting point for discussions about place. A series of these portraits is currently on view at . 📸

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interviewmag: It has never been easy being a #Glassjaw

It has never been easy being a fan. The influential, if at times maddening, post-hardcore band made up of Daryl Palumbo and Justin Beck rocketed to success in 2000 with their debut album, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence. That record—which saw vocalist Palumbo spitting, screaming, and sobbing through razor-sharp lyrics over Beck’s metalcore guitar riffs—was an antidote to the increasingly mainstream sounds of emo and indie rock. Two short years later came Worship and Tribute (2002) and then, just when mainstream fame was in sight … nothing, save for a few singles and an EP in 2011, given away for free. Which is why last November, nearly 15 years after Worship and Tribute, they exploded over the news that Glassjaw would be releasing their third full-length album, Material Control. The chaotic, furious record makes up for lost time—and then some. 📸 Styling

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interviewmag: On the second anniversary of his death, we

On the second anniversary of his death, we remember chameleon rock icon . "I can’t write if I’m not with people or in a place that really gives me grist for the mill. I need people to throw things back and question my opinions and premise of life. It makes me really respond. There’ve been moments living in Berlin and in New York when I’ve felt all that. Bells go off and you’re alive and everything’s tingling." 👨🏻‍🎤 ,

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interviewmag: From our December/January issue #ArtistsontheVerge portfolio: Leelee

From our December/January issue portfolio: Leelee Kimmel (née Sobieski) has always been an artist. As a child, she regularly drew on her arms and legs with Sharpie markers and watched her father, the painter Jean Sobieski, use their New York City living room as a studio. Even when Kimmel began acting as a teen to help pay the family bills—and ended up a rising Hollywood star after appearing in Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 thriller —she covered the inside of her trailers in plastic so she could paint. “I always said, ‘I don’t want to act. I paint,’ ” she recalls, to which her parents replied, “‘You can’t say that, because it sounds like you’re not grateful. You are grateful, so you have to hold it in.’” Now 34, having left Hollywood behind and working on canvases in private for years, Kimmel is ready to let the painter out. 📸

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, an eight-strong, international, self-proclaimed “DIY pop production house,” have been a band for barely a year. Still, they’ve managed to wrap an album, find fans in and , and sell out shows with just four songs to their name. The members, hailing from just about every continent imaginable, are as follows: Harry plays guitar; Tucan writes and produces; Ruby and B are on the mic; Emily on synths; Orono sings and Seoul is on backing vocals. Robert, not pictured, does visuals. “Think about Kanye creating ‘A Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,’ and look at the credits on it. It was a huge pooling of talent that turned into a singular vision. We wanted to do that—just with no budget in a house in East London,” says Harry. 📸 Styling

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interviewmag: Lil Yachty’s explosive rise over the last

Lil Yachty’s explosive rise over the last few years has cast the spotlight on the talented artists in his Sailing Team crew bubbling up in his frothy wake. First and foremost is —she’s a gifted 19-year-old rapper and singer from Atlanta, whose breezy bops have earned her millions of plays and several nationwide tours, including a recent slot supporting Jhené Aiko. In Shane’s bright world, the sky is the limit. “The hardest part for me so far has been like putting out my music that I really like, and not having people fuck with it like I do. I’m pretty sure everybody goes through that but that’s been the hardest part for me,” says Shane, in conversation with 📸 Styling

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“When I was 14 or 15, I wrote an essay about being sexualized by my teachers because I matured really early, and my teacher liked it so much that she asked me to read it in front of the class,” says 22-year-old Quinn Shephard. Her new movie, Blame—which she wrote, directed and stars in—deals with a too-close-for-comfort relationship between a precocious teenage girl and her teacher. “I remember thinking it supported this theory that I had, that you have to be really honest as a writer. If you’re not, your work really isn’t worth anything because it’s not going to reach anyone. So I was like, ‘This can be a symbol of me not having fear. I need to be brave and share this.’ And I did.” 📸 Styling

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interviewmag: Most people know Dan Graham as an icon,

Most people know Dan Graham as an icon, the quintessential hybrid artist whose practice has encompassed a range of media, disciplines, and contexts, including video art (of which he was an early pioneer), architecture, performance, photography, literature, and most notably, a series of steel-and-glass pavilions. In spite of all that, Graham occasionally insists his work will be forgotten and that no one wants his archive. His anxiety is understandable. The past couple of years have been intense ones for a man with so much spirit. A seizure while on a site visit in Philadelphia put him in the hospital for months, and it was touch-and-go for a while. But now Graham is back—busy with rehab, overseeing operations of his studio, and thinking about the possible uses of television, a favorite subject of his, for a series of future works. 📸

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interviewmag: In the seven years since Caleb Teicher decided

In the seven years since Caleb Teicher decided to pursue dance professionally, the jazz, tap, and swing wunderkind’s career trajectory has moved as fast as his footwork. It’s easy to see why: Watching Teicher tap means falling into a trance-like state, hypnotized by his charm and lightning quick steps. The obvious joy with which he glides through a swingy jazz routine makes it impossible not to smile. “I’ll swing dance forever. I’ll tap dance forever. Maybe people won’t pay money to see it, but I’ll do it because it is the way in which I process the world,” he says. “Through .” 📸 Styling

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