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Australia's First Award Winning Rap Artist. Legend Award Inductee Australia. CEO @ Roc Events Australasia + Specialist Promoters #AboriginalAustralian
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is entry every weekend in 2O18. Level 1 of The City. Doors open 9pm. Brisbane's best

13 0 Jan 12, 2018
iamrocofficial: Nothin like Ol Skool 

Nothin like Ol Skool

7 2 Jan 3, 2018
iamrocofficial: New Years Eve at Lefty

New Years Eve at Lefty's.

9 0 Dec 31, 2017
iamrocofficial: FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT tonight at RnB Saturdays

FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT tonight at RnB Saturdays at The Victory Hotel. 127 Edward st, Brisbane City. The ONLY home of RnB in the City.

10 0 Dec 30, 2017
iamrocofficial: My brother you are Inspirational ❤. Catch up 2O18

My brother you are Inspirational ❤. Catch up 2O18 bro .............. regram If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything. I recently spoke at a conference that the original co-founder of and founder of attended and also spoke at. He said a lot of things that resonated with me but his dedication and focus was displayed most when he said to the crowd. “I don’t do this for people. I do it for them (whales). I didn’t sink those whaling vessels for you. We sunk them for the whales. Find me one whale on the planet that disagrees with what we did and i promise we won’t do it again.” Sea Shepherd have been and are currently conducting operations in the Gulf of Guinea, Liberia, Faroe Islands, East Timor, the Southern Ocean, New South Whales and many other places around the globe. Their impact is large and small. If you want to be a part of something that actually makes a difference and be part of a global family then follow, sign on, donate time or money, join a crew, a clean up, a fundraiser. And make a difference. Whales Sharks Oceans

29 3 Dec 21, 2017
iamrocofficial: I

I'm bringing dedicated RnB to Australia's Gold Coast with our newest venue partnership with The Miami Tavern. Kicking off Saturday 1Oth February 2O18 feat Dj Tikelz + more announced soon!

20 3 Dec 20, 2017
iamrocofficial: regram @jocelynarivera
31 0 Dec 14, 2017
iamrocofficial: Festive season in the valley. #rgs #royalgeorgehotel

Festive season in the valley.

6 0 Dec 12, 2017
iamrocofficial: We

We're bringing dedicated RnB to one of Australia's great venues. The Hamilton Hotel. Dedicated club nights, touring acts & special guests. Presented by

10 0 Dec 11, 2017

to the brother and all our peoples regram We did it. 1 x Performance & 2 x ARIA wins for Best Urban & Best Independent. The Indigenous Unit showed out! x x

32 1 Nov 29, 2017
iamrocofficial: Final #vip on sale for our #frasercoast #RnB #

Final on sale for our at The Brolga Convention Centre, 15th Dec. For tix visit: www.ticketor.com/iamrocofficial .................. Fb/iamrocoriginal

15 0 Nov 27, 2017