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“I think it’s important to know where everything in our life comes from—food, clothing, and especially diamonds. Diamonds are millions of years old, and I believe they carry the memories of the Earth within them. are carefully mined and tracked with great concern for the environment and to me that’s showing respect for these memories. It makes sense that ✨ uses diamonds as authentic as her brand.” — , owner of FIVESTORY luxury boutique, NYC. Photography: Styling: 💎 diamondmine r oftheday

926 3 Feb 9, 2018
diamondswithastory: Own your status with this fun @AlisonLou ✨ Mrs.

Own your status with this fun ✨ Mrs. ring, now available in 14Kt Yellow Gold with .265 cts of golden-hued nDiamonds , tracked from mine to market to ensure authenticity. Featuring nDiamonds 💎 diamondmine r oftheday

534 3 Feb 8, 2018

“There’s an energy and a brightness that emanates from that brings out my skin tone, just like the sun.” — , interior designer Wearing ✨ Photography: Styling: 💎 diamondmine r oftheday

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“Everything I buy, wear, eat or bring into my home is a reflection on me and my family, so I am very conscious of where and how things are made. Ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility are very important to us. jewelry already makes me feel invincible, and knowing the diamonds are natural and authentically Australian is the icing on the cake.” -Shareena Kumar, CFO, OceansV. Wearing ✨ 💎 nDiamonds diamondmine r oftheday

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diamondswithastory: The natural golden hues of #AustralianDiamonds looks awesome

The natural golden hues of nDiamonds looks awesome in rose gold in this small chain link bracelet by ✨ for Featuring Australian Diamonds. Includes 2.92 cts of Australian Diamonds in 18kt Rose Gold 💎 diamondmine r oftheday

460 4 Feb 5, 2018

“I prefer timeless over trendy, and classic pieces can come across edgier by simply layering them up. Diamonds make you sparkle and are never ever out of style.” — , celebrity stylist. Wearing ✨ Photography: Styling: 💎 diamondmine r oftheday

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“Fine jewelry is so much more permanent than fashion, and it translates and transcends years and generations.” — , Buying & Fashion Director, . Wearing ✨ Photography: Styling: 💎 diamondmine r oftheday

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diamondswithastory: This cobra won

This cobra won't bite, but it's a killer ring from and is part of her Featuring collaboration. 18K White Gold Ring with .57ct Australian Diamonds and .02ct Rubies 💎 diamondmine r oftheday

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“For me, attaching a sentiment to my jewelry is very important. I’m passionate about the environment and I can feel good knowing where my diamonds come from.” — , Director of Brand Development, Wearing Photography: Styling: 💎 diamondmine r oftheday

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“There's not a single piece of diamond jewelry I own that doesn’t have a significant meaning attached to it. A special gift or moment or emotion. Each one has a story.” —Tea Pollock, mother, wife, scientist. Photography: Styling: 💎 nDiamonds diamondmine r oftheday

513 2 Jan 31, 2018
diamondswithastory: Some rings are too special to be limited

Some rings are too special to be limited to one finger only, and this two-finger Solitaire Knucklduster ring from ✨ is the perfect example featuring stunning natural colored Australian diamonds. From the featuring collection. Crafted in 18K Rose Gold with .55 carats of responsibly sourced pave Australian Diamonds and a spectacular 1.34ct Australian Diamond center. 💎 diamondmine r oftheday

484 3 Jan 30, 2018

“My personal style is fairly simple—I like to wear things that make me feel good. I prefer jewelry that is more delicate than in-your-face, and that’s why I love ’s collection—minimal, classic and elegant. It looks great with everything.” — , artist Photography: Styling: 💎 nDiamonds diamondmine r oftheday

499 9 Jan 29, 2018

“I have found that nobody designs and molds pieces for a woman’s body like ✨ Her designs are not driven by convention or trend, but by her emotion and her vision.” — , Fashion Director, Barney's New York. Photography: Styling: 💎 nDiamonds diamondmine nBeauty r oftheday

468 6 Jan 28, 2018
diamondswithastory: The range of natural colors of #AustralianDiamonds is

The range of natural colors of nDiamonds is on full display in this statement piece by ✨ Part of her collaboration with 💎 the "Mirian" ring features 2.39ct of yellow, pink and golden-hued Australian Diamonds in 18kt white gold. 💎 diamondmine nBeauty r oftheday pinkdiamonds s

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“Wearing jewelry is very much an artistic expression, and the nDiamonds add a subtle but distinctive touch of color.” —Anne-Gaelle Van de Weghe, art & fashion expert, mother. Photography: Styling: 💎 nBeauty r oftheday

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“There’s a theory about why some objects have auras, and why we’re drawn to them over others. Some say when women create things like pottery, and they’re singing while they work, they transmit vibrations from their hands into that pottery. That’s how I feel about ’s work—it’s vibrating with her personality. Her use of color just feels celebratory, and the natural colors of the nDiamonds play right into that. ” — , producer, advocate Photography: Styling: 💎 diamondmine nBeauty r oftheday

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diamondswithastory: Designing her first fine jewelry collection for #DiamondsWithAStory

Designing her first fine jewelry collection for featuring nDiamonds , ✨ hits a grand slam with this stunning Flower Ring that blends her signature use of vibrant colors with the natural golden hues of Australian Diamonds. Designed with .72ct of Australian Diamonds and .32ct of Tsavorite in 18kt Yellow Gold 💎 diamondmine nBeauty r oftheday

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" nDiamonds are natural and authentic—just like ’s jewelry. Her work is so different, and the color of the diamonds really helps it stand out." — , Fashion model. Photography: Styling: 💎 diamondmine nBeauty r oftheday

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