Photo by faceplusmedispa. Taken at Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Beach

This little oasis is our "Drip & Chill" area for couples (areas for solo's also available) 🙏 In this area we offer patients vitamin based and rejuvenation treatments 💊Including the Vitamin Infusion drips 💦  We offer the following - 🌊 The Bondi Rescue - A super energy booster. Perfect for those who suffer from chronic fatigue added bonus? Skin rejuenation, $380.
🌀 The Bondi reboot - An energy recharge for those who are feeling a little run down, $330.
✈️ Jet lag - don't have time for jet lag? Drip it away, $180.
🍻 Hangover - had a little too much fun on the weekend or worse accidentally during the week? Hydrate and boost, $180. 😷 Immunity base - Feel a cold or flu coming on? Fight back, $220.
💪 Immunity plus - Fight your cold and flu PLUS boost your energy, $250.
🍊 Vitamin deficiency - Low on energy and is it due to a lack of vitamins? Maybe you have gut problems that do not allow for digestion of vital vitamins and minerals? PUMP the vitamins directly into the blood stream, $250.
This treatment is available from our beautiful, Bondi Beach clinic 👊 To book with our registered nurses Susi or Stephanie, simple call 02 8897 0077 ☎️ All scripts are created and approved by our Doctors prior to treatment 👌 For more check out our blog http://bit.ly/2xQUJA5

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aliciawakely :
Jan 10, 2018 12:07 pm
hollyjayne : Are you open on Sundays?
Jan 13, 2018 21:57 pm
faceplusmedispa : no, we’re open Monday through to Saturday
Jan 13, 2018 22:51 pm


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