Photo by tacomajones. Taken at Wapato Park

It's always a good day to take to . I don't think you'll find another spot in Tacoma with a wider range of activities besides Point Defiance. From the huge dog park, to the lakeside playground and picnic areas, there is so much to do here. Today, we jogged some trails, watched a lot of birds, and then did some laps around the lake (the paved loop is 9/10 of a mile). This destination is a gem - scroll through to see more or visit for yourself. Main entrance is off of South Sheridan.

8 121 Mar 25, 2017 20:08 pm

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northwest_lou : Chambers park is cool to walk too. This place is so pretty!
Mar 25, 2017 20:18 pm
bernadetteray : Ummmm...I JUST left there!
Mar 25, 2017 20:34 pm
tacomajones : awwwe, missed ya!
Mar 25, 2017 20:34 pm
tacomajones : that's another favorite of ours!
Mar 25, 2017 20:34 pm
charlottehlucey : I have never been there! Ugh, must fix that soon!
Mar 25, 2017 21:19 pm
tacomajones : it's a really mellow alternative to a run on Ruston Way. Not too crowded and nice and flat
Mar 25, 2017 22:13 pm
missaimeemd : If you walk on the bridge that overlooks the dog park you'll eventually run right into our house! Love it!
Mar 26, 2017 3:11 am
tacomajones : is that the one I have a picture of here? How fun!
Mar 26, 2017 3:17 am
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