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I started building handmade tattoo machines in 2008, I don't offer them for sale very often but right now I have this one available on my site. It's built on my "Ally" frame design, which I designed in 2012.

As I do almost exclusively linework it's a liner, and I have it set up how I like to use em - it runs quick (around 155 unloaded/125 loaded) with a medium-hard hit and a medium stroke.

I make these machines myself, one at a time. I wind the coils by hand and cut the springs myself. All the pieces on these machines are made in the USA. I use each machine on at least one tattoo to make sure it is tuned and running properly before offering it for sale.

I only sell my machines to professional tattoo artists with proof of employment in a legitimate shop, no exceptions, and no apprentices. If you're interested it's available on my webstore:

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